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Belgrave Square, Dublin 6

Original House : 188m2  -  Addition : 35m2

Protected Structure and Residential Conservation Area

Located close to the centre of Dublin this project called for the internal modification and renovation of an existing, listed two-storey over garden level, late Victorian terraced house with a new single-storey addition to the rear. The extended lower ground floor provides a guest bedroom and bathroom to the front of the house and a new kitchen and dining area to the rear. The reconfiguration of the original basement area establishes a strong relationship, by means of a partially sunken terrace, with the garden beyond. On the upper floors the principal rooms are refurbished and a series of small bathrooms and storage areas incorporated discretely into the main bedrooms. A library is made from two L shaped bookshelves on the landing at the top of the main stairwell.

Granite was used throughout the lower ground floor with the exception of timber floor in the bedroom area. The stone extends out to form the terrace, with steps leading up to the garden level. The original relocated garden steps, housed externally within the volume of the addition, are reused to provide access to the upper ground floor and simultaneously provide the main living rooms with a direct connection to the garden. A large glazed teak sliding screen mediates between inside and outside, the various configurations offer different relationships with the patio beyond.