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Harcourt Terrace, Dublin 4

Original House : 308m2  -  Addition : 46m2

Protected Structure and Residential Conservation Area

The house is located on Harcourt Terrace one of the finest Regency set pieces in Dublin. With its neighbour, it shares an elegant single storey colonnaded wing. This wing was modified to create a new kitchen and family room that opened to the mature, secluded, rear garden. To negotiate the level drop between the upper ground floor and the garden below this new room is set out on two main levels. The kitchen is at entrance level with the TV room and terrace set 0.6m below and linked by a shared white terrazzo floor that extends to the exterior, to form a raised terrace in the garden. The kitchen floor and cabinetry are finished in formica and epoxy resin paint. In plan, the transition between old and new is dealt with through a long oak paneled servant space that borders the room. This holds a cloakroom, accessed from the hall, storage for toys and a solid door and porch for easy access to the garden.

The proportion of the deep entablature on the front elevation continues around to the rear and is finished in white terrazzo. This element also sets a datum for the internal frieze, which in turn delineates the height of new windows, oak paneling, doors and the recessed lighting over the kitchen worktops. The existing garage doors were replaced with a new oak screen, within it is a hidden glazed door, this gives a view and easy access to and from the forecourt of the house.