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Triennale Exhibition, “The Urban Void” Lisbon

in association with A2 architects

In the summer of 2007 Boyd Cody architects and A2 architects curated Ireland’s entry to the first Architecture Triennale of Lisbon, titled ‘Line to Surface’. The Arts Council and Culture Ireland supported the project. The theme of the Triennale was the ‘Urban Void’, an international festival of architecture that had the objective of bringing together professionals and the general public to debate the questions that urban spaces face today and the broader role of contemporary architecture in the making of our cities.

The Irish exhibition was a collective response from eleven multi-disciplinary practices to the theme of the ‘Urban Void’. Each individual submission attempted to examine how the city of Dublin is presently being made while simultaneously posing the question, ‘How do you Make a City?’ The work revolved around the potential re-making of the abandoned spaces of the city. The examinations reigned from vast urban regeneration projects such as the Dublin Docklands to small intimate interventions to the rear of modest urban houses. Read together the projects establish an alternative reading of the urban form, one based on an expansive network of small and large-scale interventions, stitched into the existing fabric, adjusting and all the while redefining its expanding footprint.

Contributors: Body Cody / A2 architects, UCD architecture, Dermot Foley landscape architects, Grafton architects, Ballymun Regeneration, FKL architects, McCullough Mulvin architects, McGarry NiEanaigh architects, de Paor architects, Dublin Docklands Development authority, O’Donnell & Tuomey architects.