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13 Cranberry Street, Brooklyn, New York

Photographer's Studio : 100m2

in association with Zakrzewski Hyde Architects

Placed on the lower ground floor of the refurbished house, the office is entered separately from the street. The photographer’s studio runs the full length of the building taking advantage of the large structural cross-spans of the original early 19th century house.

A long, deep space the quality and use of light was paramount to the design. Centrally placed in the room is a large stainless steel clad desk for layout and general work. A linear task light of an incandescent source is placed overhead. A private office is situated behind two screen doors to the rear of the studio, from there access is provided to a small raised external courtyard. Storage is integrated into the old hallway on this floor.

All doors to and from the office are integrated into a grey epoxy resin painted screen. This screen and floor are finished with the same material and essentially float in a white space. This configuration is further articulated by hidden fluorescent strip lighting. A light wall is constructed opposite this screen, in an existing recess, against which the client can view his transparencies. Beneath, for more intimate work, there are two cantilevered light desks integrated into the wall-mounted workbench.