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Summerhill, Co.Meath

New House : 320m2

Located in a field, subdivided by a hawthorn hedge, the house consists of two distinct slipped parallel forms; a pitched, double height, slate-clad, timber framed ‘house’ which contains the main living rooms and a lower rendered concrete block that contains the bedrooms. The former is visible from the road while the latter remains obscured by the hedge. The house is placed parallel to the hedge, the field around it manipulated by level changes to establish different uses ancillary to the house. There is a terrace, sunken and raised lawns, paddocks and a yard of black tarmacadam. The surrounding paths define the cut lawns and six apple trees are to be planted in the sunken garden. A large elevated terrace is located over the bedroom wing the level of its balustrade determined by the height of the hedge.

Expressed externally as a simple form, its materiality and details are restrained. The combined kitchen, dining and living room is one double height space plastered internally with oak floors while externally the walls and roof are clad with slate. The bedroom block and external retaining walls are rendered and painted white. The long glazed strips of windows and doors maintain a continuous level of transparency and connection between inside and outside.