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“Meeting House” Eden Quay

A new venue in the heart of the city, the concept proposes a form of public “Meeting House”. The strategy envisages a focal building along the north quays that would become a catalyst for the regeneration of both Eden and Burgh quay, creating an interstitial public space along a rejuvenated pedestrian route linking Parnell Street to Stephens Green.

The proposed building has fifteen levels of accommodation, three of which are below grade. The basement and five levels above are divided between a varied but complimenting programme that caters to the body and mind, in the form of cultural and physical pursuits, to include an elevated, south facing, swimming pool and solarium overlooking the river. This “Meeting House” is understood as being an integral part of the fabric of the city and supports, in turn, the seven levels of residential accommodation over-head. The building takes advantage of the public accessibility of the site and builds on an established tradition of assembly, gathering and meeting that characterises the area.