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Galway Harbour

The proposed programme is accommodated in a dynamic, extended linear form 130m long and 16m wide providing a memorable public forum for the city of Galway. The building operates as a large open hall with a solid base element embedded into the ground of the pier, housing cafes, bars, restaurants and commercial office space while above, a lofty hall houses the multipurpose exhibition and spectator space. The wave like roof form coincides with the spatial division of the fourteen rooms making up the main exhibition hall, at the end of which the roof rises dramatically to create a prominent towering structure, 35m high, situated directly over the spectator space. This tall bookend houses on its upper levels a series of extended platforms for bars and restaurants that face west, out to the Atlantic ocean. At the very top of this promontory is an open, public viewing deck. Both internal and external platforms are linked by a series of stairs creating an extended promenade and visual relationship with the ocean.