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Shadowlands Exhibition

The project is a collaboration between a number of architectural practices who responded to the curator, Michelle Fagan’s request to think strategically about the consequences of a sustained period of over development followed by the collapse of the property sector. In undertaking the project we re-visited our proposal, 26+1, for the Venice Biennale in 2006 and considered the fate of one town that is geographically close to a large area of cut away bog and peat extraction. Like many rural towns the physical footprint had expanded exponentially whereas the population had actually declined since the middle of the nineteenth century. Equally the contemporary spatial development of the town bore no relation to the actual population increase, perception had replaced reality. We proposed a landscape and energy strategy integrated with the larger strategy envisaged in 26+1 as a means of providing physical definition to the town and most importantly a sustainable model for integrating an urban landscape within a rural economy.