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Dartry Road, Dublin 6

New Houses : 410m2

Residential Conservation Area

Located in the long rear garden of an existing house on Dartry road this project called for the construction of a large detached single-family dwelling. The proposed house is set over two floors, with the main floor set at grade on the upper garden level, accommodating the principle living rooms, including the entrance hall, living, kitchen, dining area and main reception room while the lower ground level accommodates the bedrooms, service areas, study and family room and is set at a half level below the lower garden level. All the rooms of the house and primary circulation are organised around an external courtyard that provides light and ventilation. A large extended garden is maintained to the rear to provide a suitable recreational area for the occupants’ use.

The house adopts a free plan of interconnected rooms with a series of parallel solid brick internal rising walls used to subdivide the space. These brick walls extend through the two floors and to the exterior creating a physical connection between inside and outside. The north and south gable elevations are characterised by extensive uninterrupted brick surfaces. The east and west end elevations are glazed with satin anodised aluminium frames set between the brick end walls. All the external boundary walls, and steps are formed in a matching stock brick with the external surface areas being paved in traditional granite sets.