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Dromard, Co.Silgo

Original House : 75m2  -  Addition : 305m2

The house is located in a meadow at Dromard, Co. Sligo and has distant views of Benbulben. The proposal called for the construction of a single storey dwelling with associated guest accommodation provided in the existing cottage. The building is connected to and integrated with the existing cottage by means of a covered walkway to form a single unified composition. A simple palette of materials is employed; the external envelope has a sandblasted concrete finish plastered internally with polished concrete floors.

The concept for the new house is that of a low lying, single storey dwelling that expresses itself as a simple form within a “walled garden”. Behind the enclosing concrete screen wall are a series of open rooms and courtyards that create a sequence of interconnected and related internal and external spaces, creating a rich interplay between indoor and outdoor living. The simple massing of the building, robust form and low elevation set between 3.0-3.6m, partially embedded into the ground attempts to create an unassuming building that acknowledges its context and is sensitive to the surrounding landscape.