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Sorrento Terrace

Original House : 420m2  -  Addition : 28.5m2

Protected Structure in a Residential Conservation Area

Located in the middle of an existing terrace on a dramatic site overlooking Killiney bay this project called for the internal renovation of an existing mid-nineteenth century, four storey, house and the extensive reconstruction of the external landscape to the rear, including the provision of a new garden room. Entered from the street in the middle of the section the two original service floors below are altered to provide new accommodation. Elsewhere throughout the house services are upgraded and existing features restored.

Externally at the rear, the steeply sloping original ground is altered to create a series of gardens and terraces leading down to the sea. The neighbouring stone boundary walls are reconstructed. The middle garden is provided with a large garden room the roof of which forms a terrace to the accommodation on the level above. This formal garden leads in turn to a more informal territory and terraced area located below with views across the bay. Granite walls and pathways are supplemented by extensive new planting.