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Toweryard, Killiney, Co.Dublin

New House : 495m2

Protected Structure

The house is located along Killiney Hill Road on the northeast corner of the site of an existing Martello tower, a protected structure. The proposed new house is a detached single-family dwelling, a three-storey structure, consisting of two levels of living accommodation and associated terraces over under croft parking. The house is conceived of as a fractured form that sits on top of a plinth, a piece of made ground set into the section of the site. Access is by means of the existing entrance gates, a ramped driveway along the northern boundary leads to the under croft. The main living accommodation is on the upper ground floor and provides the principle rooms including the kitchen, living, dining room, entrance hall and study. The lower ground floor accommodates four bedrooms, and the utility room.

The house is formed from fair-faced board marked concrete exposed externally. Internally the floors, walls and ceilings of the rooms are lined in timber, providing a more tactile and softer internal environment. The internal walls around the perimeter of the circulation area are glazed above 2.1m to ensure the space is filled with light throughout the course of the day. The end elevations are made from double glazed panels set in a bronze perimeter frame. All opening sections and full height sliding sections are clad in bronze to match frames.